content in brief
• visual analysis
• grid methodology
• proportion
• horizontal composition
• vertical composition
• diagonal composition
• typographic hierarchy

all levels: basic, intermediate, advanced

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grid systems by kimberly elam

© 2004, princeton architectural press
although grid systems are the foundation for almost all typographic design, they are often associated with rigid, formulaic solutions. however, the belief that all great design is nonetheless based on grid systems (even if only subverted ones) suggests that few designers truly understand the complexities and potential riches of grid composition. filled with extensive research and more than 100 informative examples from the bauhaus to nike ads, grid systems provides a rich, easy-to-understand overview and demonstrates a step-by-step approach to typographic composition. it suggests design strategies that transcend simple function and reductionist recipes to allow grids to become a means of truly dynamic communication. any designer, educator, or student will benefit greatly from this elegant slim book, chock-a-block full of colorful examples, helpful vellum overlays, and insightful analysis.

table of contents
table of contents
project elements and process
constraints and options
proportion of elements
negative space and grouping
perimeter edge
the law of thirds
the circle and composition

horizontal composition
brochure for die neue typographie
text page from the isms of art
catalog of bauhaus products
theatre am hechtplatz advertisement
samatamason web site
institute for architecture program
sotheby’s graphic program
table of contents spread for the new urban landscape

horizontal/vertical composition
zürcher künstler im helmhaus poster
nike acg pro purchase catalog
program for zurich university
best swiss posters of the year
festival d’été program spread
columbia university posters

diagonal composition
kandinsky poster
page from reklama mechano
page from the next call
national-zeitung poster series
title page freiburg municipal theatre
columbia university posters

typographic hierarchy
hierarchy compositions
rules and nonobjective elements
case study: aids virus
case study: communism in cuba
case study: levi’s
case study: “if the glove…”

author information
kimberly elam is the chair of the graphic + interactive communication department at the ringling school of art and design, sarasota, florida.

she is the author of "expressive typography, word as image," van nostrand reinhold, 1990, "geometry of design, studies in proportion and composition," princeton architectural press, 2001, "grid systems, principles of organizing type," princeton architectural press, 2004, "typographic systems," princeton architectural press, 2006, “line icons” ebook, at lulu.com, “paper food” ebook, at lulu.com. she has lectured and conducted workshops at numerous institutions.

email: kelam@studioresourceinc.com


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